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Body Sculpture Acti-Vitalise is the perfect blend of vitamins and minerals designed specifically to assist your systems in the ageing process, helping you feel healthier and happier, and supporting an active lifestyle. Why Choose This Product?- It is a comprehensive multivitamin, nutritionally tailored to the over 50’s.- All-inclusive multi-nutrient support for an increasingly aging population.- The active ingredients include Turmeric, Lutein, CoQ10, Omega 3 and Grape Seed Extract.- Vitamin D3 provided at an exceptional 1000i.u. - It contains citrate mineral forms for superior absorption.Product Benefits?- It is formulated to support all aspects of anti-aging.Features:- Copper Contributes to Normal Skin and Hair Pigmentation- Vitamin D Contributes to the Normal Function of the Immune System and Healthy Inflammatory Response- Vitamin B6 Contributes to Normal Function of the Immune System- Thiamine Contributes to the Normal Function of the HeartDescription:Body Sculpture Multivit